Learn About Your Injuries And Ailments

injuries and ailmentsThe google machine is an amazing tool in so many ways. Much learning can be done if ingested with a discerning eye. Health related sights are in abundance on the internets and you can really learn a ton about anything that you want.

Especially about things that you or someone close to you are going through personally.

Too many times people come to my class and tell me the name of what’s wrong with them without knowing any details about what they are sharing with me. I am baffled by this. Unfortunately I have learned that I have to always follow the release of said information with the question, “Do you know what that is?”

There are many reasons why this may happen. Some are less curious than others. Some trust their doctors and don’t want to know that much. For some it just never occurs to them. But for me the road to healing always must run through awareness and action.

The more you know and the better informed that you are will impact greatly on the decisions that you have to make and I don’t think anyone should be letting doctors or healers make choices that you are fully aware of and involved in.

For some people there is a comfortable place of ignorance that feels like a good place to live. More power to everyone and the choices that we make. But we have the opportunity to have a great deal of control over our health choices depending on how much work we are willing to invest in learning about what our bodies are going through