Let the Liver Cleanse Begin

let the liver cleanse beginI had a lot of fun in my younger days. One of the enduring gifts of an interesting childhood was/is a chronic case of hepatitis C that has been with me since 1983.

I usually take decent care of my liver but at one point last year I went to an IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) practitioner who put her hands on my belly and told me that my liver was over taxed. This resonated with me immediately because my daughter not a week before had asked me why my pee was so dark as I stood next to her while she brushed her teeth.

Having followed through on a number of the recommendations of the IMT woman I noticed a marked improvement in my overall health including the color of my urine (tmi?).

And now comes my semiannual liver cleanse— the Standard Process 21-Day detox that I get through my chiropractor, the wonderful Lisa Kirsch.

I have done this particular liver cleanse before and rather enjoy it. It is a three week cleanse with smoothies, lots of pills, no wheat, sugar dairy or the like. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, though twice as many vegetables. And day 11 through 21 includes small portions of fish and chicken.

It is a little nerve wracking to embark on this liver cleanse but my body tends to like them once it gets going. As a hepatitis C sufferer I think it is smart for me to give my liver a break at least once a year and that is one of the main focuses of this particular cleanse.

Having turned fifty with two small children I have become increasingly aware of the march of time. Not in a morbid or depressed way but watching my parents break down both physically and mentally in their 70’s and 80’s has been a profound wake-up call.