Online Classes w/ Jonathan FitzGordon

The Foot Workshop: Anatomy, Function & Exercise

Monday, August 21st 10am-1pm​


Do you suffer from:

  • Plantar fasciitis?
  • Bunions?
  • Flat feet?
  • Lower back pain?

This workshop will turn you on to the amazing nature of the human foot (as opposed to chimp feet which we might talk about as well). Taking care of and making good use of your feet is key to aging gracefully and I want to show you how to accomplish that.

Want to talk to us about our live workshops?

Emily Kramer, Third Root Yoga

Jonathan is a refreshingly wry teacher whose classes are both precise and exploratory. His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious. I always learn new ways to engage my body, and I typically enjoy surprising soreness a day or so later. I've watched countless students transform their practice under his guidance, and regularly recommend his classes for anyone looking to strengthen and balance their body using an intelligent and light-hearted approach.

Have you heard about The BodyMind?

Jonathan leads a monthly webinar based membership program, the BodyMind. Each month includes anatomy lectures and workshops where you can join online and participate via live video. Starting in August there will be live yoga/movement classes each Tuesday & Thursday from 12-1. The workshop above is included with The BodyMind and if you join today you get the first month of the Bodymind for free!

Check out Jonathan's acclaimed workshop live online. This three hour experience will give you the opportunity to learn about the piriformis muscle, ask questions and release your body from chronic pain and tension.

Can't Attend Live?

No problem! Our live classes are recorded and sent to anyone who purchases them shortly after they take place. Please check out our past live class recordings as well:

May 8th, 2017 - The Psoas, Level I

This asana yoga class focuses on the psoas muscle, the most important muscle that you've never heard of. The class is suitable for all levels.

June 12th, 2017 - The Live Psoas Release Party! Workshop

Learn all about the anatomy and function of the Psoas Muscle and then do a series of release exercises that will leave your hips and lower back feeling freer than it has in years.

July 17th, 2017 - The Piriformis Release Party! Live Workshop

Learn all about the anatomy and function of the Piriformis Muscle and then do a series of release exercises that will release years of tension from your lower back and legs.

Want More Classes?

All of the above live classes come free with a membership to The Bodymind, Jonathan FitzGordon's webinar subscription series. The Bodymind includes a weekly webinar with Jonathan every Monday, as well as a monthly live class. Join today and get your first month free!

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