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Psoas Release Party!

 Saturday February 23rd  10AM-2:00PM EST


If I've learned anything from staying out of pain for the last 15 years it's that traditional rehab techniques don't always solve the problem.

Some pain is mysterious and doesn't follow a conventional path to healing. And many people have issues with pain that they can't seem to figure out...

...that doctors fail to diagnose…

...that physical therapy often makes worse…

… and sometimes even surgery fails to help...

...but I am helping people understand that doing less might actually help you heal more.  

This release workshop will feature a series of exercises designed to bring ease and relief to an overburdened nervous system.

You will get a recording of the workshop along with a pdf of the slideshow presentation and an eBook of the exercises.

As an extra bonus you can attend an online  lesson on the psoas on Friday February 22nd @ 1p EST.

Additionally, there will be a follow up Q & A on Sunday February 24th @ 10AM where you can ask any questions you want .

So What Is The Psoas Muscle?

The psoas muscle connects the legs to the spine acting as an essential bridge between the upper and lower body.

A tight and dysfunctional psoas can lead to problems up and down the entire body. Usually on one side but sometimes on both, including:

Lower back, hip and groin pain.

Pain in the big toe and the inner arch of the foot.

Menstrual cramping.

Peeing too many times a night.

A rotated or misaligned pelvis.

Constriction on one side of the body.

General anxiety and unease.

More than ten years ago, I suffered through a series of knee surgeries and never thought that I would ever be out of pain.

Yet over a decade later, not only am I pain free but I am helping people find similar relief from pain with the help of understanding this magical muscle.

After my third surgery, I set out to learn about the body and stumbled by accident onto the psoas muscle.

"SO-AZ". The P is silent.

Prior to this discovery, I felt like I had tried it all.

I'd done physical therapy and it worked short term. But the pain would always come back.I love my chiropractor but soon after getting adjusted, the pain would return like clockwork.

I had been to numerous doctors who provided little insight. And not once did they mention the psoas muscle.

Then I learned about this amazing muscle and how important it was.

To discover that this was the muscle that actually holds us upright...

that literally walks us through life...

and most incredibly...

acts as a warehouse for our pain and trauma---this was eye-opening and fascinating to me.

The main thing I learned is that there are some things you simply can't stretch or strengthen your way out of.

"Release Work" is a fancy name for laying around doing very little but accomplishing a LOT in terms of physical and emotional release.

Imagine a treatment for your pain where less is more? That'd be amazing right?

Well, that's why I call this the "Psoas Release Party!"

It is a gift to yourself to let go of long help chronic pain and tension.

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Have you heard about The BodyMind?

Jonathan leads a monthly webinar based membership program, the BodyMind. Each month includes an live anatomy lecture, a live therapeutics workshop and two live yoga/ movement classes each week on Tuesday & Thursday from 12-1. The workshop above is included with The BodyMind and the first month of The BodyMind is free!

I signed on and was immediately smitten with Jonathan FitzGordon’s style...

I came across the BodyMind webinar while recovering from back surgery and because walking was the only activity I was allowed to do, I signed on and was immediately smitten with Jonathan FitzGordon’s style of presentation, open-mindedness to both anecdotal and scientific data, diagrams of anatomy not usually found in anatomy books, and discussions of books concerning Anatomy or Yoga both current and past. All of this has helped me. This concludes my specular take on Core Walking BodyMind

Marty Lyman  //

His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious.

Jonathan is a refreshingly wry teacher whose classes are both precise and exploratory. His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious. I always learn new ways to engage my body, and I typically enjoy surprising soreness a day or so later. I've watched countless students transform their practice under his guidance, and regularly recommend his classes for anyone looking to strengthen and balance their body using an intelligent and light-hearted approach.

Emily Kramer //  Third Root Yoga

His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious.

My initial introduction to Jonathan’s work came during a web search because of trouble with sciatica pain in my left lower leg.The doctors had recommended steroid shots and possibly surgery! CoreWalking promised relief and I was willing to listen to more. After a year of working with Jonathan I am without pain, more aware of my walking posture and engaged in his live yoga classes as often as possible. Following the MindBody webinars over the past year has given me extensive information and valuable insight as to how the body functions. I appreciated the special guests and Jonathan’s unique ability to make all the brilliant information “user friendly”.

Gena Rotas //  Author of Love YOU