Live Workshops Online with Jonathan FitzGordon

Therapeutics for the Shoulder

 Saturday April 20th  10AM - 12:00PM EST


Do your arms hang from the shoulder sockets? Is that a sensation you can feel?

The arm is a free swinging appendage that serves us in so many ways. But poor posture, movement patterns and repetitive stress conspire to mess our shoulders up but bad.

This workshop cover the anatomy, function and therapeutic exercises designed to get your body working in harmony.

You will get a recording of the workshop along with a pdf of the slideshow presentation and an eBook of the exercises.

Additionally, there will be a follow up Q & A on Sunday April 21st @ 10AM where you can ask any questions you want .

The Shoulder

The shoulder is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. It is formed where the humerus (bone of the upper arm) sits into the scapula (shoulder blade), forming a ball and socket joint.

Parts of the shoulder that are of particular importance when it comes to therapeutics and pain relief:

  • The rotator cuff—  a collection of muscles and tendons that give the shoulder support and allow for a wide range of motion.

  • The bursa is a small sac of fluid that cushions and protects the tendons of the rotator cuff.

  • A cuff of cartilage called the labrum forms a cup for the ball-like head of the humerus to fit into.

This workshop will cover all of this and more...

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Have you heard about The BodyMind?

Jonathan leads a monthly webinar based membership program, the BodyMind. Each month includes an live anatomy lecture, a live therapeutics workshop and two live yoga/ movement classes each week on Tuesday & Thursday from 12-1. The workshop above is included with The BodyMind and the first month of The BodyMind is free!

I signed on and was immediately smitten with Jonathan FitzGordon’s style...

I came across the BodyMind webinar while recovering from back surgery and because walking was the only activity I was allowed to do, I signed on and was immediately smitten with Jonathan FitzGordon’s style of presentation, open-mindedness to both anecdotal and scientific data, diagrams of anatomy not usually found in anatomy books, and discussions of books concerning Anatomy or Yoga both current and past. All of this has helped me. This concludes my specular take on Core Walking BodyMind

Marty Lyman  //

His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious.

Jonathan is a refreshingly wry teacher whose classes are both precise and exploratory. His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious. I always learn new ways to engage my body, and I typically enjoy surprising soreness a day or so later. I've watched countless students transform their practice under his guidance, and regularly recommend his classes for anyone looking to strengthen and balance their body using an intelligent and light-hearted approach.

Emily Kramer //  Third Root Yoga

His bottomless curiosity about the human form is infectious.

My initial introduction to Jonathan’s work came during a web search because of trouble with sciatica pain in my left lower leg.The doctors had recommended steroid shots and possibly surgery! CoreWalking promised relief and I was willing to listen to more. After a year of working with Jonathan I am without pain, more aware of my walking posture and engaged in his live yoga classes as often as possible. Following the MindBody webinars over the past year has given me extensive information and valuable insight as to how the body functions. I appreciated the special guests and Jonathan’s unique ability to make all the brilliant information “user friendly”.

Gena Rotas //  Author of Love YOU