They Looked Inside This Statue And Found…

buddha mummy

Reader Emily P. sent me this photo from an article that had been going around facebook. Her comment was:

This seems to have gone viral on FB, or at least on my page. Will you look at those misaligned shoulders! I imagine his pelvis was similarly misaligned, the result, naturally, of a tight psoas. It would seem the postural issues we struggle with today are not so modern.

My response was that even though I had seen the article that seemed to be everywhere for a minute, I hadn’t noticed the shoulders.

The body is thought to be the remains of Buddhist master Liuquan, who lived around 1100 AD. And the article also shared this fascinating image:

There is speculation that Liuquan engaged in the practice of self-mummification, a gruesome process where monks from certain traditions prepare themselves to not decay after death through a combination of diet and consumption of poisonous herbs and embalming fluid. This has yet to be confirmed, however.

Now that I am looking at the image differently, I see the forward roll of the left shoulder in the statue as well as the skeleton. It also seems that the bones or bones density on the two humeral bones seems totally different, and the left side of the rib cage is flat especially compared to the ribs on the right.

What do you see?


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