Analyzing Tolasana

Twenty years and twenty pounds ago...

Thanks for joining me on this hyper critical journey into a yoga pose. It is all done in fun and in honor of my young self that maybe sort of wish I could have back...

This picture takes me back to 1999, soon after taking teacher training, and start of my teaching career at OM Yoga Center on 14th Street in NYC. Many thanks to Cyndi Lee.

It is pre- the Bell's Palsy phase of my life, which is another reason why it resonates with me deeply.

Now on to the pose: Tolasana

In ashtanga yoga, which is where I got my start, the practice ended each day with this pose held for 25 breaths. 

That should give you an idea of how many times I had done this before the picture was taken. It should be pretty impressive. And I'd like to think it is.

But let's take a closer look at it:

My right side is a bit of a mess. The left hand is grounded and flat but look at the index finger of the right hand. I can't get that knuckle down to the ground which is going to affect the shoulder.

That shoulder is rounding forward and down and if you look at my back you can see it is pulling the shoulder blade up.

That is because the lower trapezius unable to resist the pull of pectoralis minor. 

You can also see that in the lump of my shoulder blade elevating on that side.

In addition to the higher right sit bone, the right knee is higher, and that coupled with the rounded shoulder on the same side, indicates a tight right psoas.

There ends this exploration.

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