Lower Back Pain

chronic lower back pain

Chronic lower back pain relief is available even to people who have been suffering for a long time. While all change takes a certain amount of effort and work, pain relief is one of the great incentives. You will need to commit to changing a lifetime of deeply ingrained patterns, but perseverance will further your cause and help you to adopt new patterns.

In my experience, a lot of chronic lower back pain is a direct result of poor load bearing on the lumbar spine. The way our body is designed, the bones are supposed to hold us up and the muscles are supposed to move us through space. We have ligaments that are designed to connect our bones together.

While there are many factors outside of habitual posture that can lead to chronic lower back pain—car accidents, illness, genetics—to name a few, if your pain comes from posture and poor skeletal alignment it might be easier to fix than you think.

lower back painThe bones hold us up and certain bones are more responsible than others in order to bear weight. The lumbar curve is the five bones of the spine between the pelvis and the rib cage and these bones are fully responsible for bearing and transferring the weight from the head down to the legs.

We think a lot of people lean backwards when they think they are standing up straight. When we stand someone up straight they think they are leaning forward. Perception is an incredible thing. If you stand up and pay attention to what is truly happening when you stand you might find that, in fact, you are leaning backwards in an attempt to feel upright.

Lower back pain relief is aided with proper skeletal alignment. If you can acknowledge that you are leaning backwards that is a major first step.

From there learning to walk and stand correctly becomes intuitive and you continue that natural work to readapt your muscles to support the bones as they begin to move differently. For some this is quick and easy to achieve. For some slow learners, like me, it might take a while. But in the end everyone can learn to be upright and leave your lower back pain behind.