Psoas release party

The Psoas is the most IMPORTANT muscle in the body.

If you have been on the hamster wheel of pain relief and not getting answers from your doctors and physical therapists the psoas likely holds the key to your healing.

The psoas is the body’s most important muscle.

The muscle of walking.

The muscle of standing.

The muscle of pain and trauma.

More than ten years ago, I suffered through a series of knee surgeries and never thought that I would be out of pain again.

Yet over a decade later, not only am I pain free but I am helping people find similar relief from pain with the help of understanding this magical muscle.

After my third surgery, I set out to learn about the body and stumbled by accident onto the psoas muscle.

"SO-AZ". The P is silent.

Prior to this discovery, I felt like I had tried it all.

I'd done physical therapy and it worked short term. But the pain would always come back.

I love my chiropractor but soon after getting adjusted, the pain would return like clockwork.

I had been to numerous doctors who provided little insight. And not once did they mention the psoas muscle.

But I learned two incredibly important things:

  • The psoas acts as a warehouse for our pain and trauma.
  • There are issues you can't stretch or strengthen your way out of.

The first of these two realizations helped me understand that the body holds on to intense energy that it can’t process in a given moment.

Which led to the second realization that letting go or "Releasing” this energy is about creating the right environment for the body to let it go.

I know that sounds kind of “woo-woo” but it is crazy to feel what these passive releases can do.

Release work is a fancy name for laying around doing very little but accomplishing a LOT in terms of physical and emotional release. 

Imagine a treatment for your pain where you benefit by doing less not more. That'd be amazing right?

Well, that's why I call this the "Psoas Release Party!"

Because it is a gift that keeps on giving as you release your way out of pain.

Psoas release work is effective with many issues but especially releasing years of physical tension and emotional holding.

You will also transform the psoas into a fully functioning and available muscle.

As the main muscle of walking and standing, living in dysfunction keeps it from doing its primary job.

But developing tools with these release exercises will allow you to create posture & movement patterns for a long, active and healthy life...

Because you will begin to understand how a released psoas heals the body.

But the most important benefit you can hope to find with this workshop to to erase your perception of yourself as someone who won't heal..

The Psoas Release Party! includes:

10 Comprehensive Video Lessons about psoas anatomy & function

10 Release Videos for healing pain and trauma

Part 1

Learn: The first half of the “Psoas Release Party” teaches you all about the amazing psoas describing in accessible detail its anatomy and function.

Part 2

Release: The second half of the “Psoas Release Party,”  all about the exercises that will change the way you feel for the better, forever.

And There are a bonuses as well.

  • Bonus: Take A Walk With Me mp3 For standing and walking.
  • Bonus: The New Psoas Release Party eBook
  • Bonus: One Video Walking Analysis send us your walk on video for review