Realize Your Physical & Emotional Aspirations Through a Greater Awareness of Movement, Anatomy & Alignment

As a fifty-five year old man working with a wide range of people I have always been looking for a way to bring them all together to learn and grow as a group.

Could a humble walking teacher create an environment for:

  • Ladies of a certain age—  looking for insights into the mysteries of aging successfully.

  • Pain and trauma sufferers—  looking for answers when none have been available, no matter where you’ve turned.

  • Yoga teachers—  craving a deeper understanding of the body for ways to help your students.

  • Healers—  searching for subtle cues and clues to give you greater access to your clients needs.

  • Athletes—  looking to improve performance with simple alignment & lifestyle changes.

While all of those groups have some overlap— getting everyone on the same page for learning and healing seemed a challenge.

After some fits and starts, additions and subtractions.

The result is...

The Bodymind…

...a space for Moving, Thinking & Seeing Differently.

For experiencing radical change in your body and practice while viewing the world through a new lens.

A holistic lens exploring solutions for exercising, healing and aging that bypass the traditional model of doctors, physical therapists and pain medicine.

As a yoga teacher and pain relief specialist since 1999, I have learned more than a thing or two about how to deal with an aching and aging body and live to share my work.

I teach. That’s what I do.

The question is:

How do you learn?

Do you learn best listening, watching, feeling?

Do you learn quickly, taking it all in in a flash and getting it?

Or do you learn slowly, needing to chew over each and every detail repeatedly for it to sink in (that’s me by the way)?

Wherever you fit on the spectrum I think I’ve got you covered.

Everyone has the capacity to heal but we all speak a different language when it comes to finding clarity on an often painful & confusing journey.

The joy for me is the challenge of serving disparate needs successfully.

I created The BodyMind as a mentoring community for people looking to navigate a difficult modern world.

Here's a short excerpt from a lesson called Anatomy 101:

Technology, which makes our lives better in so many ways, often conspires against us: screens, chairs, beds, shoes and so much more make living, aging and performing in a healthful way harder.

Doctors and physical therapists mean well but often fail to serve those who aren’t served by a universal, cookie cutter approach to healing and aging.

And athletes, well, I know from experience, athletes are always looking for that one thing that can give them an edge.

The BodyMind is that edge.

My goal is to offer solutions to myriad speed bumps that consistently appear in an attempt to derail a smooth and easy course through life.

Each month I present an Anatomy Workshop laying out fundamental concepts about the body and mind.

Each month there is also a Therapeutics Workshop designed to present you with routines for healing all manner of injuries, aches and pains. eBooks of the exercises are always included.

Every Tuesday & Thursday @ noon I offer Live Yoga Classes for all levels that focus on alignment and core dynamics.

One Sunday each month we have a Question & Answer Session where you can ask me anything and go live on video to work with me. I have to say that this is where some of the best work gets done. Everyone has a voice to be heard.

In joining this dynamic collective you will experience a superior level of feedback – allowing you to resolve pain issues and/or grow as a teacher and movement professional.

If you are already a teacher you will deepen your awareness of your own movement patterns while enhancing your ability to facilitate your clients' progress.

Through a combination of encouragement, accountability, and community support, you'll get your questions answered about injuries, anatomy, pain relief, and many more areas of healing and aging gracefully.

And everything is recorded and archived for watching at any time.

The first month is free giving you time to check out what I offer.

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