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  • The CoreWalking Program is the only pain relief program that gets you out of pain one simple step at a time. Making simple changes to the way you walk and stand can have profound effects on your pain issues and the ability to heal and stay healed. The program includes 55 videos: 5 walking lessons, 25 exercise videos & 25 anatomy videos, 3 eBooks and 3 Video Analyses of your walk.
  • The Psoas Release Party! is a collection of release exercises designed to let go of long held trauma that often stays stubbornly in the body. The psoas is the most important muscle in the body working to hold us up, walk us through life and act as a warehouse for unprocessed trauma.Using this series of exercises as well as learning all about the anatomy and function of this amazing muscle can often help when doctors, physical therapy and medications have not.
  • An Online private with Jonathan can be life changing. Working personally to change the way you walk and stand in a 50 minute session will get you started with The CoreWalking Program and Psoas Release Party! and jumpstart your journey into healing as you take control and become the architect of  your recovery.

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Muscles of Back Pain Video Series, Take A Walk With Me mp3 & Access To Our Private Facebook Group

  • Take A Walk With Me mp3 is a 20 minute podcast where Jonathan talks you through walking and standing allowing you to implement all of the CoreWalking techniques with his assistance on a daily basis.Using the Take A Walk With Me mp3 has helped so many of our customers and clients stay focused on their healing journey.
  • The Muscles Of Back Pain Video Series was created in direct response to questions and comments from CoreWalking Customers. These video target specific muscles and exercises which are incredibly important but often misunderstood and performed incorrectly.With Jonathan’s simple yet insightful instructions you will get an new understanding of basic exercises that are essential for healing and aging gracefully.
  • Our Private Facebook Group gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly to Jonathan and the CoreWalking Team as well as meet other people that might be dealing with similar issues as yourself. The answers and understandings gained from this group are invaluable and it is a resource you can return to over and over again.

I had been suffering from Piriformis Syndrome for many months. I had tried 3 sessions of acupuncture which didn’t help. I had one Physical Therapy appointment when I stumbled onto Jonathan’s program online, CoreWalking. I was on vacation on the beach at the time and put his suggestions into immediate practice, while walking the beach and listening to his podcasts about proper walking posture. I purchased the program, and found his extensive piriformis section and suggested release exercises the best I had read, and I had read a lot on the internet! I started doing the release exercises daily and I also did one of the releases while still in bed in the morning, and for the first time in months, getting out of bed was no longer incredibly painful. I liked that he said to continue to exercise, I have always been a daily exerciser, so I continued to walk up to 5 miles a day but now walked with the core walking posture. It’s been about 4 weeks since I started and I am noticeably improved. What a relief! I still have some daily pain with the sciatica and some gluteal pain, but it’s much less than it used to be and I am confident it will continue to improve. I also really appreciate that the program includes a video analysis of my walking, and Jonathon’s’ suggestions have been very helpful. I highly recommend this program, especially if you have piriformis syndrome pain, this has been the only thing so far that has helped me!

Lorrie Kueffer

I have been in chronic back pain for 10 years! I am very active, yoga teacher, always weight trained. But in the past 3 years I have been not been able to do the things I live to do or at least not at the same capacity. I have been following your CoreWalking plan now for about 3 weeks and already I notice so much change in my body and my pain level has decreased and has changed in duration etc. I am only expecting it to get better... Just wanted to say thanks!

Sonya Lake

I was at the end of my rope. Daily pain from a tight psoas and piriformis which gave me sciatica and numbness. I searched and spent thousands of dollars until I stumbled across CoreWalking, and although I have a degree for posture therapy, I didn’t really understand my body. Thanks to Jonathan I learned and healed myself! I know that so many people have been and can be helped through this revolutionary system!

Beyond grateful to indebted!

Trent Aaron

Hi! My name is Ginger Purkey, and I am a Pilates Instructor in Evans, Ga. I found you on Facebook, follow your postings. .. I like to give my clients reasons why we do certain moves and always inform them how we are all connected, and I quote you a lot. I believe everyone should should learn how to stand, walk, etc to understand that it begins with the pelvis! You have taught me a lot about the body, and I feel, if you have the knowledge, that's half the battle. Thank you for all that you do!

Ginger Purkey

Growing up I always had a fairly active lifestyle. When I got to my second year in college, I started to notice that my walking wasn't the way it used to be. My feet were slapping the ground, my leg muscles felt really overworked, and my neck started to get really tight. So basically for a period of two-three years, my life was pretty awful in terms of how I was feeling physically. But when I discovered CoreWalking, it really helped to change the direction my health had been going. Basically, a big emphasis in CoreWalking is explaining what you're doing wrong, and then explaining what you should be doing to be right. Really understanding the body mechanics and what my body wasn't doing right really helped to solidify what I needed to do to be better. CoreWalking walked me through each step of the way how to reach the end goal of being biomechanically sound. Over the past couple of months I've been able to make some permanent progress, and it's really helped to solidify and make gains. I'm physically better for it, and nowadays if I wake up and I'm not doing quite as well, I know how to fix myself, and that's really made all the difference.

Tim Yeh

I bought the CoreWalking program about three years ago and I am still noticing a difference in my feet. Before when I took walks I would notice that my IT band would be really tight, my hips would be achy, but now I can walk to the store and walk around the park and feel better not worse.

Katina Paron

I've been running since I was able to walk. When I was 28 my body started to fall apart, the one thing that was never supposed to happen. Well this superman had to go to a lot of doctors and most of them said, "Hey look, you're perfectly fine." That was until I saw some specialists that said maybe your hypermobile and I had to start paying more attention to how I moved. It was scary at first, but with information, specifically from CoreWalking, I was able to reclaim my life. And now for the first time in a long time I am able to smile because I know that though it’s a journey I’ll have to change the way I work, it’s the way I should have always moved. And now I have a new lease on life.

Michael Delfausse

I did CoreWalking about a year ago with pretty intense lower back pain. I tried a bunch of things to fix it—traditional western doctors and I am a doctor—I had done stretching and yoga and couldn’t do anything to fix it. By CoreWalking lesson three the back pain basically went away and hasn’t come back.

Dr. David Bach

I came to CoreWalking because of a lot of tension in my hips and specifically I have come to learn in my psoas muscle. I am a professional actress and singer and being on stage and not just comfortable but in full command of my body is critical. The best thing about CoreWalking is that it teaches you about your whole body and how to incorporate its movement into healing.

Rebecca Joy Fletcher

I just want to say that I am still amazed at how well the walking program has helped relieve pain that I have had for a number of years. I’ve tried chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and I still had pain. And something as simple as learning how to walk again, aligning myself in a new way has changed my life.

Florence Hillary

Before CoreWalking I had chronic headaches, pretty much for my whole life. I was experiencing some pretty serious back pain and since then I have figured out great ways to combat the back pain. My headaches for a large part have gone away. I recommend CoreWalking to anyone who has back problems, headache problems or just generally wants to feel better and have better posture.

Justin Carter