Have You Heard About The Psoas Muscle?

Far too many people have been to doctor after doctor but instead of getting help they've only been offered more medication, more cortisone shots, and more temporary relief.

Or maybe you have had repeated prescriptions for physical therapy that haven't solved your issues, sometimes even making things worse.

But what I have learned from healing myself and helping others do the same is that here is some pain that is traditional therapies simply don't help. 

There are events in life that are too intense to process in the moment and that unprocessed energy is stored in the psoas muscle which falls into dysfunction and can affect the body in so many ways.

Passively releasing tension from the body's most important core muscle can provide immediate relief from long term pain and injury.

In this program you will learn how to release what is often years of physical tension and emotional holding that has led to pain and physical dysfunction.

And you will learn to create posture and movement patterns that you need to live a long, active and healthy life.

What Is A Psoas Release Party?

Learn Essential Anatomy

The psoas is the most important muscle in the body for a number of reasons. Learn about them all.

Learn To Stand Correctly

The psoas holds us upright and we only stand well when we employ this amazing muscle.

Learn To Let Go Of Tension

Unprocessed energy that the body can't immediately cope with is stored in the psoas. Learn to release this energy!

Heal For Real & Let It Stick

The series of release exercises will allow you to dispense with chronic tension and find newfound freedom of movement.

What Is This Mystery Muscle?

More than ten years ago, I suffered through a series of knee surgeries and never thought that I would ever be out of pain.

Yet over a decade later, not only am I pain free but I am helping people find similar relief from pain with the help of understanding this magical muscle.

After my third surgery, I set out to learn about the body and stumbled by accident onto the psoas muscle.

"SO-AZ". The P is silent.

Prior to this discovery, I felt like I had tried it all.

I'd done physical therapy and it worked short term. But the pain would always come back.I love my chiropractor but soon after getting adjusted, the pain would return like clockwork.

I had been to numerous doctors who provided little insight. And not once did they mention the psoas muscle.

Then I learned about this amazing muscle and how important it was.

To discover that this was the muscle that actually holds us upright...

that literally walks us through life...

and most incredibly...

acts as a warehouse for our pain and trauma---this was eye-opening and fascinating to me.

The main thing I learned is that there are some things you simply can't stretch or strengthen your way out of.

"Release Work" is a fancy name for laying around doing very little but accomplishing a LOT in terms of physical and emotional release.

Imagine a treatment for your pain where less is more? That'd be amazing right?

Well, that's why I call this the "Psoas Release Party!"

Why The Psoas Release Party!

Psoas release work is effective with many issues involving the deep core of the body. Especially problems that don't seem to be helped by traditional therapies.

Lower Back Pain

Hip Pain

Groin Pain


Pelvic Floor Issues

Hip Flexor Problems

Bloating & Digestion

Peeing at Night

Get instant access to Psoas Release Party! now!

The Psoas Release Party!  (normally $97) includes:

10 comprehensive video lessons about psoas anatomy & function

10 Release Videos for healing pain and trauma

Bonus: Take A Walk With Me mp3 20 minute audio for standing and walking (normally $47)

Bonus: The New Psoas Release Party eBook (normally $27)

Bonus: One Video Walking Analysis send us your walk on video for review (normally $147)

Total with Bonuses: $318

Psoas Release Party!

Release Your Body From Chronic Pain And Discomfort

What our customers are saying:

The information is invaluable and the feedback from my patients is excellent...

I highly recommend Jonathan FitzGordon's Psoas Release Party to most of my patients at some point in their care when they are ready. I have told countless people to take the live class over the years. Now to learn from the video at home where they can really let the poses sink in is priceless. The information is invaluable and the feedback from my patients is excellent. They love it and I can see the results.

Dr. Lisa Kirsch  //  Chiropractor

So much of the spirit and content of the live event have been incorporated into the videos...

I've attended Fitzgordon's Psoas Release Party in person years ago and my regular yoga practice (and street practice) underwent substantial change. It's heartening to see that so much of the spirit and content of the live event have been incorporated into the videos. No more reliance on my hastily scrawled notes.

Sharon Frost  //  Artist

Benefits Of The Psoas Release Party!

  • Release years of physical tension and emotional holding. 
  • Transform the psoas into a fully functioning and available muscle.
  • Learn tools to change your body with daily release exercises.
  • Create posture & movement patterns for a long, active and healthy life.
  • Understand how a released psoas heals the body.
  • Erase your perception of yourself as someone who won't heal..

Inside The Psoas Release Party!

I am a teacher from a long line of teachers. It is in my blood.

When I set out to help people deal with pain issues I knew immediately that clients and customers needed to be educated about their bodies.

The more we know about our bodies, the more likely we are to heal and stay healed.

Part 1

Learn: The first half of the “Psoas Release Party” teaches you all about the amazing psoas describing in accessible detail its anatomy and function. 

Part 2

Release: The second half of the “Psoas Release Party,”  all about the exercises that will change the way you feel for the better, forever.

Passive poses designed to allow gravity to have its way with your body, creating a spacious sense of ease in both the body and mind.

Jonathan FitzGordon //  Creator

Following three knee surgeries in my thirties I took a step back to see why I kept repeating the same injuries over and over again.

When someone asked me what I was doing to prevent a fourth surgery my life's work presented itself.  First I got healthy myself and now I am translating that for others.

I have been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2000. The CoreWalking Program and Psoas Release Party! followed soon after and I have dedicated my life to helping people figure out complex pain issues.

Jonathan FitzGordon

Join Thousands Of Happy Customers

This is exactly what I've been looking for...

This is exactly what I've been looking for...can not express how much the Psoas Release Party! has helped me realize the connection the emotions and muscles play on our bodies. Recommend this  to everyone who deals with back pain. The Posas muscles play such a crucial role in our body.

Callie S  //  Business Analyst

I have noticed tremendous ease in my body...

I have noticed tremendous ease in my body because of his simple yet effective release exercises. My posture continues to improve. Jonathan is a scholar of the human anatomy. He carefully breaks down the mechanics of the iliopsoas and how to maintain homeostasis in the body. 

Micheleen Karneiesz  //  Lawyer

It's a pleasure to watch and easy to comprehend...

If there's one muscle of the body everyone should study, it's the psoas major.  Jonathon FitzGordon's Psoas Release Party concisely explains essential information on the psoas in plain English. It's a pleasure to watch and easy to comprehend even if you know nothing about anatomy. 

Alfredo Balaban //  Author

The Best Time to Start Getting Freedom From Pain & Trauma is Now!

Finding freedom from long terms pain in injury is within reach. And you won't have to work hard to find it. Doing these passive exercises will help you start feeling better immediately. The Psoas Release Party! will get you back to the active lifestyle you thought was gone forever.



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Jonathan FitzGordon

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