My Main Instruction is “Go Blah”

"go blah"Stand up tall and see how it feels. Breathe your best, feel your arms, your butt, and most importantly try to sense the relationship of the ribcage and the pelvis. Is it balanced at the front and back?

Now “Go blah” (sigh) and relax the front of your body.

How does it feel?

From my perspective everyone has a slightly elevated rib cage at the front of the body. This is mainly from being told to stand up straight over and over again without any real instruction. As a result people tend to take their shoulders up and back, leaning the trunk slightly behind the pelvis.

This elevates the base of the ribs at the front of the body throwing off the ideally balanced relationship of the bottom of the ribcage at the front and the back.

I started out life as a yoga teacher working people as hard as I could, teaching students the most extreme positions I knew. Over the years I changed my personal approach to the practice and began teaching very differently.

Now my main goal is to get people to relax. This doesn’t mean to avoid working hard and diligently, but it does mean that there is a way to access ease for improved performance.

“Go blah” allows you to relax.

“Go Blah” allows you to breathe.

“Go blah” gives your psoas major muscle a fighting chance to work well.

The psoas major originates at the base of the rib cage and top of the lumbar spine. The psoas has other attachments along the rest of the lumbar spine. Imagine a level and balanced ribcage—the psoas muscle and all of its connections are well spaced out and functional.

If the front of the ribcage elevates the back of the ribcage will descend out of necessity. This creates a compression of the lumbar spine that I see in most students and clients. This compression messes with the natural alignment of the psoas and its attachment points will no longer balanced in space and effective.

There are many reasons to sigh and go blah. It will give you access to your breath, core and psoas.—three things well worth having in good working condition.

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