Maybe I Am Wrong About This Posture Stuff?

superhero posture gone bad    bad superhero posture

I am trying to fight the good fight against bad posture around the globe but what am I supposed to do when all of the world’s superheroes conspire against me.

There I was, on a mild summer’s day, minding my own business in the Union Square Barnes and Noble.

My children were in search of Encyclopedia Brown and Harry Potter, and I was contemplating what to cook for dinner, when I ran into an acquaintance with back pain. Innocently enough I began talking to him about posture when out of the corner of my eye I saw the do-gooders assembled in a line.

I turned slowly to confront them. They stared me down. I glared back.

“You are all leaning backwards!” I yelled

They mocked me with their silent stares.

bad superhero posture   bad superhero posture

“Look at your hyperextension.” I implored.

They refused to budge. Oh those compressed lumbars!

“Don’t you know what you are doing to yourselves and all the young people that look up to you?”

I showed them my best posture and dared them to try and take me down. I thought I heard the Batman laugh but maybe I was mistaken. I contemplated my next move.

What is a posture teacher to do when most cultural norms reinforce negative patterns that fail to serve us?

Oh the humanity!


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