Me and My Bosu: Bosu Squats

Anyone who has taken a yoga class with me knows how taken I am with squatting. Squats are great exercises for the legs, the core(especially your pelvic floor) and for your joints. When we add the bosu ball into the mix they become a great way to work on your balance.

In the video above I demonstrate the squats I have been working on lately. If you want to see some crazy workout routines with the bosu just go to Youtube and search. People can do amazing things with their balance and their core. Enjoy.

Bosu Balance Trainer

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  1. Just an observation – keep your big toes down to stabilize the knee. Especially your right knee since the toes want to lift as you come up.
    The big toe is key in keeping knees happy especially in exercise like this.
    Thank you for the demonstration and your willingness to share with others.

    • Hi Jenny, Ah my poor sad right side. That is a pretty old video shot when I first got my bosu. I did a lot of work on exactly that kind of stuff. I should shoot a new one as well. But I did a recent video of wheel with blocks and saw similar issues with my right foot. It is all a work in progress, long slow progress but progress all the same.

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