More On The Vagus Nerve

As I was writing about the vagus nerve the other day my wife looked over my shoulder and asked if I saw all the vagus nerve and immune system posts that were going around.

I hadn’t but I wasn’t surprised either. I believe in the zeitgeist, or cosmic consciousness, or what have you. What goes around, goes around. You see it in yoga classes all the time.

A teacher will take my class or vice versa, and we will essentially teach the same thing the other happens to be teaching that same week. This odd happenstance occurs way more often than it should.

I guess there is something in the air.

So I went searching for vagus nerve posts and found this one at the top of the heap.

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Hacking The Nervous System

And I must admit, its overview of the vagus nerve is a little clearer and more concise than mine.

This article is about rheumatoid arthritis and auto-immune diseases, a particular interest of mine. One of the more intense aspects of rheumatoid arthritis is the use of methatextrate, an incredibly powerful cancer drug that suppresses the immune system to fight auto-immune diseases.

Anything out there that can be employed to limit medications that do one thing well, while compromising other physical issues will be okay in my book.


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The Vagus Nerve


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