Morning Stretch: Garudasana or Eagle Arms

Garudasana arms   garudasana arms

This is another of my morning stretches– garudasana arms. I teach it with a counter intuitive twist. I’m not sure if it is beneficial but most of the time this pose is taught that in the end you are drawing the shoulders off of the back moving the elbows and forearms away from the body.

That would be a stretch of the rhomboid muscles and I tend to think that most people need to shorten the rhomboids so I take the opposite approach to this shape and encourage students to draw the shoulder blades onto the back.

Garudsana: Eagle Arms

  • Start with the arms wide apart.
  • Cross the arms in front of you cross the right arm under the left arm.
  • Try to bring your right arm back towards your right shoulder.
  • If it is possible press the fingers of the right hand into the left palm.
  • Attempt to bring the elbows to the height of the shoulders.
  • The gaze should be in the seam of the two forearms.
  • Try your best to draw the shoulder blades towards each other onto the upper back.

Garudasana arms is one of the poses I do within minutes of waking up each morning. It is a great way to start the day.

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