My New Favorite App: Kegel Muscle Exerciser

kegel muscle exerciserI have an android phone and I downloaded the kegel muscle exerciser app. My train rides have never been so much fun. Everyone needs to do pelvic floor exercises which have come to be known as Kegels, named for Dr. Arnold Kegel who created them in the late 50’s in response to urinary incontinence in women, particularly during pregnancy and post partum.

These exercises are important for men as well as women. We all need to have a strong pelvic floor in order to support the weight of the organs that sit on top of them. In addition to that weight, your pelvic floor muscles need to have a certain amount of tone twenty four hours a day, seven days a week just to prevent us from peeing all the time.

A lot of exercises that people need don’t get done for one reason or another; due to time constraints, laziness, or simply forgetting or falling out of a routine. An app like the kegel muscle exerciser can allow you to do a couple of minutes of exercise each day. There is a reminder built into the app so that it will let you know to do them.

It comes with preset routines or you can program your own. The only downside to the app that I can see (it is really very rudimentary) is it implores you to Clench Your Muscle! every time the your are going through an engagement cycle. I know that is being picky but words can matter—engage your muscle, tone your muscle… There are a number of better option.

That said I am a fan of the kegel muscle exerciser app because I try to get everyone I work with to do these exercises and anything that helps or encourages people to do them is a good.

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