September 16

My Tight Right Psoas and Turned Out Foot


I have always had a turned out foot and a tight right psoas. I am a lefty but my issues have almost always been on my right side, especially with a tight right psoas. The turn-out in my foot corresponds to the way the psoas tightens. The muscle on the tight side shortens, pulling up and constricting the hip socket. Since the psoas has a minor function as an external rotator the foot on the tighter side will usually turn out to accommodate the tightness in the hip.

I think most people learn their movement patterns through imitation among other factors. You will see people walk more like one parent than another, and while genetics play a part in this, I think imitation does as well. Plenty of children find role models that they would like to emulate and begin to appropriate their posture and movement patterns. I think I move like my sister but the bummer is that she was born with a displaced hip which is why she walks with a turn out. I genuinely believe that I chose to imitate her and ended up with the same turn out though I didn’t have a displaced hip. Life is weird and of course I could be wrong.

In the video above I explain what is going on in my lower leg with my tight right psoas and turned out foot and how it has changed considerably over time. I believe in change. I think we can all have the body that we want it just has to be a conscious process that involves understanding how the body works and then picking and choosing the muscles we want to develop to help us gain better skeletal alignment and posture.

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