My Tight Right Psoas and Turned Out Foot

I have always had a turned out foot and a tight right psoas. I am a lefty but my issues have almost always been on my right side, especially with a tight right psoas. The turn-out in my foot corresponds to the way the psoas tightens. The muscle on the tight side shortens, pulling up and constricting the hip socket. Since the psoas has a minor function as an external rotator the foot on the tighter side will usually turn out to accommodate the tightness in the hip.

I think most people learn their movement patterns through imitation among other factors. You will see people walk more like one parent than another, and while genetics play a part in this, I think imitation does as well. Plenty of children find role models that they would like to emulate and begin to appropriate their posture and movement patterns. I think I move like my sister but the bummer is that she was born with a displaced hip which is why she walks with a turn out. I genuinely believe that I chose to imitate her and ended up with the same turn out though I didn’t have a displaced hip. Life is weird and of course I could be wrong.

In the video above I explain what is going on in my lower leg with my tight right psoas and turned out foot and how it has changed considerably over time. I believe in change. I think we can all have the body that we want it just has to be a conscious process that involves understanding how the body works and then picking and choosing the muscles we want to develop to help us gain better skeletal alignment and posture.

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  1. I love your blog and I have learned so much and practiced so hard to correct my posture and understand where pain comes from when walking. I seem to have been doing it all wrong and as you say it takes time but you can improve and enjoy walking with less pain and discomfort. No one has taught me or inspired me to learn more about my body than you. Will continue to read everything and work toward perfect balance. Thank you for this unique opportunity to connect to your site.

  2. I have the exact same thing going on right now always have pain in the right knee. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you have to do to realign your feet and knees?

    • It has been a ten year journey working to realign my legs. It will probably be another ten before they get close to even and that won’t be exact. Most of the exercises I used to do this work are on the blog in one form or another but the real work is figuring out what you need personally. Start with Contstructive rest position which you can find under the psoas videos. That is a great place to start and will hopefully give you good information to start on your road to change.

  3. my right foot has turned out. i’m 69 yeaqrs old. my orthopedic doctor said I need a Hip replacement. just with a visual inspection. ? seems pretty sure with out much testing.

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