The New CoreWalking Store


Spring is bringing some changes to the CoreWalking world. As of today we are expanding our store so you can purchase all the different components of the CoreWalking program separately. Books, DVD’s and video analysis will be available for purchase on their own.

There will be a significant discount for purchasing the products as a package but we have had enough requests for the opportunity to buy the different components separately that we are happy to make them available.

Two other big things are brewing as well.


We are about a month away from releasing our new DVD of my Psoas Release Party! workshop. This two DVD set will include a lecture about the amazing psoas, and a series of exercises meant to release this wondrous muscle.

We are hoping to have the psoas DVD ready for sale by the 1st of May.



The third very exciting project in the works is a telesummit Be Your Own Healer I am hosting between May 5th and May 19th. Be Your Own Healer is a symposium of fifteen like-minded thinkers that I have interviewed, asking them what it means to Be Your Own Healer. The results have been fun, exciting and stimulating.

Registration for the free Be Your Own Healer telesummit has begun at

Few things make me as happy as the transition from winter to spring. The last days of cold, the tease of tiny budding flowers and the anticipation of warmth all combine to fill me with joy.

And the new offerings from CoreWalking just feel like icing on the cake.

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