Great Exercise Toy: Chinese Exercise Balls

Chinese Exercise BallsHere is a video of me working with Chinese exercise balls, my new favorite toy. You can skip the first thirty seconds of silliness if you want to get to the meat of the video and you don’t even need to watch it especially towards the end where I start rambling on. But you should buy Chinese exercise balls and start spinning. I have seen these things for years every time I walk through Chinatown and finally bought a couple of pairs.

Many exercise mantras pass from my lips. Everything should be easy is one of my favorites. Our muscles are meant to be supple and available for work. Most people are just too tight in their musculature; and the forearm tends to be one of the tighter places in a tight body.

Using the Chinese exercise balls isn’t hard work as the muscles get worked very gently but when you do the work you can feel it all the way up into the neck. As a people we don’t tend to move enough. And depending on one’s lifestyle and work habits, the forearms can be overworked due to computers and underworked in other ways leading to dysfunction in what I refer to as technological muscles.

Chinese exercise balls are one way to bring some much needed dynamic movement in our forearms and hands.

Chinese Healthy Balls #40555 (Blue with Phoenix Bird and Dragon)


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