Our Chalkboard Wall

chalkboard wall   chalkboard wall

As much as this is a walking, anatomy and yoga blog, I would like more to think that it is a blog about change. And any blog about change is more likely to be focused on our resistance to change which is one of the great forces in our lives.

My whole life I have fancied myself a creative person, with a somewhat laissez-faire approach, but essentially creative. In the course of my fifty-one years I have tried writing, photography, directing theater, cooking, making sculpture and I am sure I am missing a few. I embody the jack of all trades, master of none epithet.

Lately I have been trying none too successfully to take up the guitar.

One of the few things I haven’t given much of a try is drawing, always in awe of what people can do with when it comes to drawing and painting. Also, I have the classic story of a fourth grade teacher who told me to give it up before I began. I was having trouble figuring out perspective and he figured it was best if I didn’t try.

Fast forward forty years and I recently painted a chalkboard wall in my living room to use as a backdrop for the videos I made of the release of the Psoas Release Party! on DVD and streaming video.

It turns out that painting the chalkboard wall has been one of the best moves I have ever made. After the videos were shot, I began a new education in art and we couldn’t be having more fun. I have been learning perspective and having a blast.

And my kids are almost as into drawing on the wall as they are into watching TV. Well, maybe that is stretching it a bit. But I particularly love my son’s dreidel and the leg my daughter drew at the top of her staircase hinting of things to come..

chalkboard wall

For thanksgiving it turned into a wall of appreciation and now as you can see in the picture above it is a holiday wall.

I have wanted to draw my whole life and I guess the fact that it took fifty years for me to get started is no big deal. Returning to the idea of change that I mentioned in the beginning; it is very easy to get stuck in our habits and patterns both physical and emotional.

With two young children I am trying to show them that change is beautiful and exciting and learning new things is some of the best change you can make.

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