Parallel feet

We want our feet to fall towards parallel when we walk but it is of the utmost importance they find their way there from a rotation of the pelvis not from turning the feet in. The feet will fall naturally towards parallel if the thighs move underneath the pelvis. The pelvic shift that brings the legs under the spine allows you use the whole foot and move forward from your core.

It is highly unlikely that you are using your core if you are falling to the outside of the feet.

Walking and Breathing
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  1. I recently noticed that my 10 year old son tends to have his 2 feet curving towards each other when he walks. This is more pronouced when he is carrying a weight like his heavy school.
    I will appreciate any suggestions on how we can rectify this defect which I fear may develop into an very awkward walking style.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Can you think of a reason he would walk that way? Has anyone else in the family moved the way he does? Any accidents or illness early on in his life, or anything along those lines?

      How does he look when he runs?

      Does he like exercise?

      • As a child he used to sit on the ground with his knees in front and lower part of the legs spread outward. Maybe this contributed to the present defect???? Cant recall any accident or illness that could have caused this. While running the twist isnt as pronouced as it is while walking

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