Pedometer Update: 15,000 Steps a Day Ain’t Easy

15,000 Steps a Day Ain’t EasyWow. It has been two months since I started wearing my pedometer religiously and six weeks since I decided that I would walk 15,000 steps a day. Since then I have a managed one seven day period where I hit my mark consistently.

As I write this I am preparing to leave for an eighty minute walk to work that will cover about 7,000 steps. That means today won’t be a problem getting to my goal. But it really requires a walk like that each day if I hope to take as many steps as I would like.

As it turns out I walked the first 7,000 steps to Carroll Gardens from my home in Ditmas Park. I then threw caution to the wind and walked from Carroll Gardens to Soho enjoying a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge that was full of annoying tourists who strike me as a sight ruder than New Yorkers. It is as if they think we are rude so they don’t think they need to be civil or watch other people’s space, or something like that. It can drive a person crazy.

I returned home at 4pm with 16,000 steps under my belt which means I knew I would actually hit 20,000 by days end.  While 15,000 steps a day might be a bit much to hope for I am going to keep trying. It feels great to walk a lot.