Perseverance will further

When I was fifteen some friends and I got the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes. Is is a book where you can throw some coins, decipher the reading that goes with the particular throw of the coins and enjoy some advice for the day.

It was my first introduction to eastern philosophy though I didn’t know it at the time. I just like throwing the coins. At the same time the contents of the book espoused the basic philosophy that I follow today. Everything is about balance and duality, and nothing stay the same.

But the main thing that impressed upon me was a short phrase that ended most if not all (I haven’t looked at the book in quite a while) of the readings. Perseverance will further.

Let’s say that days reading was- Don’t go out, the world is about to end, terrible day- it would finish with perseverance will further. If the reading was- nothing could go wrong, the sun shines bright, go for it- it would still end with perseverance will further.

Somewhere deep inside I have never let go of that lesson.

Not hip to it.