Posture Matters

1-skelton-good-postureMost people would be served by making basic changes to their posture.

Some people understand this intuitively while other are blissfully unaware of their body and its nature.

Of these two groups you might think that the ones with awareness would be more inclined to change but it isn’t the case. Nobody wants to change. This is the great physical, emotional and spiritual dilemma of our life.

As much as we change with every breath and beat of the heart, the brain has a great deal invested in keeping us feeling the same creating a resistance to change.

What a conundrum!

But in truth it makes life and work very interesting for me—my main emphasis is getting across the concept that changing your posture and movement patterns is the key to ageing gracefully.

When I started teaching I naively thought that people came to yoga, or whatever their exercise of choice, to make necessary changes to the way they move to improve their health and happiness.

What I found instead was that people consistently came to exercise top reinforce what patterns they brought with them to the room.

This understanding has profoundly influenced my approach to my pain relief practice. If you aren’t truly aware of how you stand and walk how are you expected to make the changes necessary for healing?

And now, after two years without a major program release we are getting set to introduce two new programs with a series of free videos on posture and how much it affects your life and aging process.

The first video will be released tomorrow so sign up below if you want to watch this excellent series of videos.

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