Posture and Perception

Here is my first blackboard video about posture and perception. We painted the chalkboard wall in our living room a few months ago to use as a backdrop for videos but drawing on it has turned out to be more fun for the kids (and myself) than a barrel of monkeys. Watching kids come over for playdates and look longingly at the wall before I give them the go-ahead– and they have at it, is just awesome. It is a big canvas.

I’ve had to repaint a couple of times but it is well worth the effort.

The video concerns one of the more interesting things that I encounter on a day to day basis. Posture and perception fascinate me. No one, and I mean pretty much no one, perceives themself correctly in space.

This is most amusing at workshops where even the second or third person to go through my question and answer routine about where their shoulders are in relation to their hips, still thinks their shoulders are where they are not. They saw the first and second demo and still think that for whatever reason their posture is spot on.

To me this is the moment where changing your posture and perception becomes possible. Realizing that your sense of self in space might be slightly awry is an amazing opportunity for change to happen.


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