Prescription Medication

prescription medicationMedicines work. I have seen the effectiveness of all sorts of medical treatments across many spectrums. I have used medication at numerous times in my life to good effect and I would take them again if I felt the need short term. But I work with, and know, so many people that are on prescription medication that, as far as they know, they will be taking for the rest of their lives. That blows my mind. So while medicine’s work and I would have no hesitance to take something that I think will help me, I think we are living in a very crazy time when it comes to prescription drugs.

There was a round tray on my Grandmother’s nightstand when I was growing up with ten to fifteen pill bottles that often required my fetching her a glass of water. Antibiotics and I were on friendly terms as strep invaded my throat repeatedly until they removed my tonsils. My parents (especially my father) were taking a number of prescriptions medications for high blood pressure among other things.  And this is long before television ads hit the airwaves telling you that anything you felt could be pilled away, and even what you didn’t feel could be coaxed to life with a drug.

One of the moments in my personal evolution towards revulsion with prescription medications was a phone call I had with my Brother a number of years ago. He reported to me that he had gone to the doctor and was told that his blood pressure was good. I reminded him that he was taking medication to regulate his blood pressure and it would only truly be good if he was off the medication.

Societally I think a lot of people fall into my brother’s mindset. They don’t take the step back to imagine what effect putting a drug in your body, to regulate something that is wrong, will have on the system.  Instead they take a pill to let them forget about a problem that would likely be treatable with a lifestyle change.

Acid reflux is another family favorite. I don’t know why they have it, or had it, but I find it to be mind boggling that someone would take a pill so that they can continue eating badly. If you research acid reflux you will find one structural reason why people might get it (hiatal hernia), and then ten risk factors that all could be easily treated by changing what, how much, or even the way you eat.

To be honest I have not done my research on high blood pressure, I just know that mine is normal. It has been 120/80 my entire life with the exception of the first month that I had bell’s palsy when it shot up.  Nor do I have acid reflux. And as I have been writing lately, I don’t lead a monk’s life. I live as I please with little restriction.

But I know that if I were to go to a doctor that recommended that I start taking prescription medication, I would do everything in my power to change my lifestyle before taking the pill.


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