Preventing Back Pain

Preventing Back painThere is no need to live in pain.

Preventing back pain involves two major changes— changing the way you move and changing the tone of your core musculature. Changing the way you move isn’t all that difficult if you are willing to focus for a few months and remain conscious of the way you walk and stand. Learning and doing the correct core exercises will assist you in changing the way your body works and feels. Building muscle tone to support your posture is essential to getting out of chronic pain.

It is my belief that if you know how your body works it will be easy to make the changes necessary to help yourself out of back pain. But no one will heal you but yourself. That is the most important thing I offer people. Every doctor, therapist, and body worker you go to have your best interest at heart but their work will only go so far if you don’t take responsibility for your own healing. Our Core Walking program provides the tools and guidance that will help you change the way you walk and stand so that you can live a full life free of pain and discomfort.

While it isn’t all that difficult to do what I suggest on a physical level, the emotional piece of embracing change is another thing altogether. People would prefer to be fixed instead of doing the work to fix one’s self. Preventing back pack over the long terms is not possible without a great deal of your own initiative.

There are surgeries and pills and practitioners that can help you if need be but they won’t change you. Preventing back pain requires change from within. Fear of change drives the engine of so many people’s lives but everyone has a choice to make on the path that they take.

I try to embrace change on every level, scary as that might be.


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