The Psoas Release Party!

Two Workshops & A Yoga Class

Do you suffer from low back pain, hip pain or groin pain that no doctor can diagnose for you correctly?

Have you spent money, time and energy is search of a solution for this mysterious pain that just won't quit.

Meet the Psoas Major the most important muscle in the body: it holds us upright, walks us through life and warehouses the pain of unprocessed energy and trauma. The

You get two three-hour psoas workshops, including release exercises, along with a ninety minute yoga class (active stretching).

A chronically tight psoas muscle can wreak havoc throughout the body and often the key to relieving chronic pain comes in releasing this incredibly important muscle.

This acclaimed workshop with Jonathan teaches you all about the psoas and shows you exercises that can provide immediate and long lasting relief from pain. You can watch it online through our Members Area, or download it to watch at your own convenience.