Psoas Release: Constructive Rest Position

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Constructive rest position is the ultimate psoas release. Many years later this is still our favorite release. Doing nothing for a half hour isn’t always the easiest thing for people but if you can, this is the position for you. We believe in stretching the psoas as well, but everything has its place.

We hold on to so much that we aren’t always aware of. Give yourself the gift of letting go a little bit every day with constructive rest position and the pay off over time can be bountiful.

The Psoas Major is one of three muscles that make up the iliopsoas muscle group; the psoas minor and the iliacus are the other two. The psoas major is both the main muscle of walking and the main warehouse for trauma within the body. Constructive rest position is a gravitational psoas release that lets the back of the body, and we consider the psoas to be a back body muscle, release relax and let go.

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels situated 12 to 16 inches away from your pelvis, in line with your sit bones.
  • Tie a belt around the middle of the thighs. You want to be able to let go here and not have to think too much about the position of your legs.
  • Then do nothing. Discomfort arises from conditioned muscular patterns. Try not to shift or move when unpleasant sensations arise.
  • You are hoping to feel sensations that you can sit with, and if possible, allow to pass.
  • Do this for 30 minutes a day if you can.  If you have time, longer sessions are advisable or even do it twice a day.
  • But you are not here to suffer. If sensations come up and you feel that you have to move, feel free to move, then come back to where you were and try again. It’s possible that you’ll do this exercise and not feel anything; it will still be good for you.

There is not much better when it come to releasing the psoas than constructive rest position. It can change the way your day goes and how your lower back and other aches and pains might feel if you do it in the morning. It can affect the quality of your sleep if you do it at night. We love constructive rest!