The Psoas Release Party! is Coming Your Way

The video above is one of the first videos I made for YouTube a number of years back and it remains one of the most popular videos that made it online.

Thirty-five years of my life passed without me hearing of a miraculous muscle called the psoas and when I finally did it was a revelation. The story I recount in the video is one that many people would be able to share once they unravel a bit of the mystery that adds up to an adult body.

Ageing gracefully is one of the key themes of my work and learning about and developing a happy and healthy psoas is worth any and every effort you put into the discovery process.

For almost ten years now I have been offering Psoas Release Party! workshops that have helped untold numbers of students work through physical and emotional patterns that can live deep in the core of the body.

While that might be a crazily esoteric statement to make—emotions live in a muscle—but the effects of releasing the psoas are hard to deny when you give it a try.

On that note we are excited to announce next week’s release of our new DVD (or streaming video) of my Psoas Release Party! workshop. The workshop is on two parts—the first half is anatomy and posture and the second half is release exercise for letting go of chronic tension.

This video was a long time in the making and covers a wide range of territory in introducing the body’s most important muscle.


If you found this post to be helpful, you might be interested in my Psoas Release Party! video set.

For a limited time we are offering my Psoas Release Party! video on sale at a specially discounted price. The Psoas Release Party! can both explain your issues and help you get out of pain by letting go of long held tension with relative ease.

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