Psoas Release: Toning the Psoas

psoas releaseThe release in the video above is called toning the psoas and it works the muscle more than most of the psoas releases that we work with. Proceed slowly, and don’t overdo it in the beginning.

Psoas Release: Toning the Psoas
  • Begin in constructive rest position with the knees bent and the feet flat to the floor. Extend the right leg straight out.
  • Press the left foot down into the floor to help the right leg lift up two inches.
  • Lift the right leg three or four inches higher, and then lower it back to two inches off the floor.
  • Repeat five times if possible, keeping the pelvis and spine stable. The only thing working is the leg.
  • Switch sides.

Once you are comfortable taking the leg up and down, begin again by pressing the opposite foot into the floor. One variation is to move the leg from side to side, and another is to move the leg on a diagonal, staying within a three- or four-inch range of motion.

Three inches is a very short distance and there is no need to move more than that.

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