Psoas Release Work Is Magical

Psoas release work can provide a great deal of relief to people suffering back, hip, groin, and other types of pain. The goal of a psoas release is to create an environment where the psoas major can let go of chronically held tension that might get stored in this profound muscle. This type of psoas release is often found by putting yourself in a position to relax the psoas muscle while making use of the gentle force of gravity to create space in the body’s core..

Many approaches to pain relief involve doing something active to heal the body—there are many injuries that can be rehabilitated through stretching, manipulating, stimulating and even in some cases medicating. But what if these approaches have not worked and you are still suffering pain?

I’m comfortable as an iconoclast but when I decided to teach people to walk as a means to pain relief I didn’t expect people to look at me like I was an alien. People take walking for granted thinking that however they walk is the correct way.  This has meant that most people show up at my door as an option of last resort after numerous doctors and health practitioners have failed to resolve their issues.

Psoas release work is about taking a step back and doing less to find a way out of what are sometimes years of unchecked pain and discomfort. The psoas is the main muscle of walking and trauma and by both releasing it and employing it correctly in movement it can be an excellent way to find ease in a body that can be free of pain.

While it might take a leap of faith the proof is in the pudding. Constructive Rest Position, the psoas release in the video above has helped so many people I have worked with where nothing else could make a dent in the numerous issues that they have suffered from. I have repeatedly witnessed its efficacy with issues ranging from back, groin and hip pain, as well as bladder problems, menstrual issues, headaches and more.

There is no magic blue pill that I know of but if there were it would bear the stamp CRP. Psoas release work also requires a paradigm shift in the way we think about the body, so learning about the anatomy and function of the psoas can actually go a long way towards healing.

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