Release the Psoas

release the psoas

To release the psoas as a means to heal pain both physical and emotional isn’t what most people expect to hear nor do they understand what it means.  Many people think healing comes from acting or doing something and expect that someone (a doctor), or something (a medicine), will heal them. But from my perspective all healing, but especially that involving the amazing psoas muscle, requires personal involvement and learning to understand both your body and the events that led to the state you’re in.

Letting go of what, you might ask? If the psoas is involved in your discomfort the simplest answer would be to let go of unprocessed energy that remains stubbornly in the body. But it is way more mysterious than that. I have watched the body do some crazy gyrations while trying to release the psoas. Legs stamping and flopping, bodies twitching, electric shock like vibrations running through the system—it can be wild to watch.

Many people are held back in their lives for reasons that they don’t understand. Trauma, sometimes long ago and long forgotten, can have a debilitating effect on the body and the mind. Starting to explore the possibility of letting some of that go is worth everyone’s effort.

Working to release the psoas is a great place to start.

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