Relief From Lower Back, Psoas and Hip Pain

Learning to walk correctly is good for everyone. If you suffer from lower back pain, hip pain, groin pain or psoas issues, our new Core Walking DVD – available for sale now on Amazon— is for you. If you are an athlete or performer looking to fine tune mechanical efficiency and take your sport or practice to a new level Core Walking is for you. If you sit at a desk anywhere from 8 to sixteen hours a day it goes without saying that learning to walk and stand will help you sit correctly at a desk.

This DVD will show you how the body was designed to work, and you will learn a new way to walk through life with greater energy, strength, and stamina.

I try to be as clear and plain spoken as I can while teaching how the body moves and how it is designed. I believe that if you learn how your body was supposed to work it will be that much easier to make the changes you need to relieve lower back pain as well as other chronic aches and pains.

Our Core Walking DVD is loaded with walking lessons, anatomy lectures and exercises that can change your life forever.

Another way to enjoy the material on the DVD is through a membership program where you can spend a year learning how to walk along with the videos and me via video analysis, webinars, additional videos and much more. Our new website is just about done, and the membership program will be available when it is complete. If you are interested in a membership you can buy the DVD and upgrade to the full membership at a later date.

Get started now on a journey to a new you! Changing the way you walk offers tremendous benefits, not the least of which are relief from lower back pain, hip pain and groin pain as well as trouble with the knees and shoulders.

The Multifidus Muscle
Psoas Major


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