Workshops, Trainings

& Retreats 2020

CoreWalking Workshop in Washington DC

April 24th - April 26th


Willow Street Yoga

CoreWalking Workshop in Vermont

May 15th-17th


Laughing River Yoga

CoreWalking Workshop in Totnes, UK

June 26th - June 28th


The Forge Yoga Centre

CoreWalking Training In Tavistock, UK

July 4th - 5th 2020

CoreWalking In Cremolino, Italy

August 29th - September 4th 2020


Casa Wallace

W/ Jonathan & Caitlin FitzGordon

CoreWalking Training In Rixensart, Belgium

October 2nd - October 4th 2020


IBK (Institut Belge de Kinésiologie)

CoreWalking In Massachusetts



November 1st-6th, 2020

CoreWalking In Italy

September 16th - 22nd 2019

If you would like to host Jonathan for a weekend, or weeklong workshop, or training, please email: [email protected]

CoreWalking In Massachusetts

October 27th - November 4th 2019