Ribcage: unchain my heart.

Ribcage: unchain my heart. 24 february, 2014.


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It seems like forever since I was here last, meditating on the vestibular system and how it effects balance.  How it interacts with vision, blablabla.  Since then I got pneumonia and spent almost a week in the hospital, during which (of course) the medical staff found something else wrong with me.  The something-else-wrong is definitely a bummer, but not as bad as the other thing they thought might be wrong with me when I was admitted into the hospital.  Well, here I am (at home!!!!  oh, so glad to be back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), dragging around a wearable defibrillator I call Henry and wondering how happy-as-a-clam Sharon got from January to waning February in such a dramatic fashion.

Symbolic of how this last month has been going: just after I was rescued from MedLand and was able to sink into the wonderful comfort of my own bed my birthday happened (Valentine’s Day: somehow that also seems symbolic to me, though I’m not sure why).  My wonderful husband Stephen ordered my favorite chocolates, truffles, from Li-Lac, along with a few things he likes.  The box arrived in time, but minus my truffles.  Can this be anything but a sign, or at least an indicator.

But I digress. Here I am, with my hands on my ribcage feeling my heart, in its familiar rhythm, under the defib vest. ¿Qué pasa?  I can only hope this too shall pass (and it probably will) and I’ll be back in yoga class someday (Henry makes that impossible right now — he doesn’t exactly work out as a prop!), trying to distinguish my right from my left.  Just like always.  (I’ve already figured out how to sneak in handstands: while Henry takes his shower break I run to my mat and do some quick ones — life is good.

At least the hospital gave me plenty of time to lie around in one psoas release or another, and even some supported backbends.





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