Saturday Morning Musical: Donald O'Connor

Movies were the way I saw the world growing up. I had the 4:30 movie on channel 7, the Million Dollar Movie at night and if I was lucky enough to be sick and home from school I got to watch the 1 0’clock movie on Channel 9. And even back then I preferred musical week to monster week.

This dance routine by Donald O’Connor from Singing in the Rain is the bait that hooked this fish. I am sure I will put up most of Singing in the Rain in this section over the next year or so but I wanted to put this one up first because it is what made me fall in love with movies and musicals.

I am very excited because we are watching Singing in the Rain as a family tomorrow night and I can’t wait to share the movie with my children. We watched Scaramouche, a steaming pile of mediocrity from the Technicolor fifties, that they just loved loved loved. It is hard for me to express the joy I have been getting from my young children exploring the world of older movies with me.