Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome: Learn to Understand the Feeling and Healing of Your Pain

Sciatica and piriformis syndromeThe second book I wrote and published on Amazon was about the sciatica and piriformis syndrome. It focuses on the sciatic nerve and the painful circumstances that arise when the nerve gets messed with and is unhappy. The sciatic nerve is the body’s longest and one of the thickest at the place where it is formed deep in the butt. There are two conditions related to trouble with the sciatic nerve. One is sciatica and the other is piriformis syndrome.

In the years that I have been working with people and pain issues I have often found that sciatica and piriformis syndrome get mixed in together and are often incorrectly diagnosed. From my perspective it is pretty simple, a pain in the lower back is sciatica and a pain in the butt is piriformis syndrome. The distinction is important to make because knowing your problem moves you long way towards healing.

The sciatic nerve supplies energy to the muscles of the hamstrings and the muscles below the knee. It also manages sensations including temperature, movement, and pain. Our posture and more specifically the alignment of the pelvis and the lower back determine the placement and efficacy of the sciatic nerve.

The piriformis muscle, along with the psoas major & gluteus maximus, is one of only three muscles that connects the legs with the spine. If you have trouble in one of these muscles you will likely have trouble in the other as well; as their connection to the spine makes them interdependent with the job of helping the spine stay upright.

Everything about our CoreWalking Program is designed to improve movement patterns and posture so the body’s nervous system is free to work at optimal levels. The approach I take with my walking program is to encourage people to know how and why their body works the way that is does. If you have issues with the sciatic nerve and learn all there is to know about it, you will most likely have tools to work with when you encounter future pain.

Knowledge is power when it comes to the workings of the body. The information about sciatica and piriformis syndrome contained in the CoreWalking Program will help you to understand and heal your body. I hope you choose to take this journey with us.

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