Shoulder Stretch: Fight/Flight

Sketchblog: DayBooks

We got robbed on a long tranquil Sunday walk in Montevideo. Some guy came from out of nowhere, running full out, and grabbed my bag. I carry it cross-body and fought like hell (stupid I know, but I got in one good kick at least before he threw me to the sidewalk, where I continued to try to get my foot on his chest to give him a shove).  He was screaming at me and I was screaming at him (no hay nada en mi bolsa). My husband took after him and tried to wrestle him to the ground but tripped on uneven pavement and went down as well, losing his glasses in the process.  A helpful passer-by found them for us.

I carry my camera and money/credit cards/IDs under my coat (people make unending fun of me for that) so all they got was the outside stuff, but that was bad enough and I was NOT going to let go.  I was still clutching the strap when he took off.

I lost two of my in-process sketchbooks, my portable address notations with some passwords (I’m changing those)  I mourn the sketchbooks.  I love some of the drawings in them.  I’m sure he threw them in the trash, along with the months supply of Pepto Bismol he also scored.

Now, just over a week later, I’m still dealing with the aftermath: rehabbing my shoulders, letting them slowly open again after the trauma of trying to pull back and in: retention.  Lots of time in supported supta baddha konasana, belted, with extre lift between my shoulder blades.  Slow release and reflection.  When the shoulders uncoil I can start to rebuild the strength.  I’ve already added L-shaped pinca mayurasana and hope the handstand version is within scope tomorrow or the next day.  We’ll see.

The shoulder is such a complicated joint, but I had never before though of it as a spring.

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