Shoulder to the wheel…still.

Front to back: front to back: sensing the planes.

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It hurts to draw,  Be still my shoulder.  Yes, ever rippling injury from a mugging last summer.  I start to see progress and then there’s a reinjury,  It’s like the ripples fade and somebody throws a fresh stone into the pond. This time a turned ankle (when will I learn to walk with grace?), a fall on the street and the shoulder catches the impact.  Maybe not back all the way to square one, but still.  It gets boring.  I feel a little like Sisyphus, but, once again I’m feeling like I’m almost over the top (of the mountain, or the molehill — whatever).  My confidence has been a little bruised.  I admit it.  But I am rebuilding.  Hey, my handstands are happening again.  My wheel is not even in the land-of-the-attempted.  I’d rather have handstand than wheel though — any day.

I sit here typing with my shoulders harness by one of my yoga straps.  Makes a huge difference.  Posture, Sharon, posture.  The harness gives me just enough support and reminds me not to internally rotate while, at the same time, staying out of military exagerration, yakity yak. Don’t talk back.  Trying to image those shoulder blades.  Maintaining the relationship.  I’m not a particularly proficiente meditator.  I guess I use drawing for that, among other things.  I do try though.  I remember in the old days people used to focus on a candle or something like that.  I guess I do better with a drawing of a candle.  Or a drawing of my shoulder blades.

The shoulder blade is a beautiful thing.  It’s amazing how it seems to correspond to the forms of the pelvis.  But that’s another drawing.  (I favoring my shoulder, I almost through my back out — but I managed to think it through in time.)

Be good to your shoulders.  Take Jonathan’s posture posts to heart.


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