Sitting and Standing Test

I found this video on Boing Boing, a treasure trove of inanity and great stuff like this. This sitting and standing test video has great appeal for me because when clients come to learn to walk I am studying them from the minute they walk in. I open a mental dossier on each and every client and take notes. One of the first things I look for when we get started is how easy or hard it is for someone to get up and down off of the floor.

It is an amazing thing to watch as what many people take for granted is a great deal of work for others.

The first video relates to a study that found a higher mortality rate among those who moved less smoothly. Fascinating stuff.  I filmed myself and my kids taking the test. I am usually posting clips of things that I do very well so here I get to take a bite of humble pie. On my way down you can see my piriformis and gluteal issues. As at certain point I can no longer control my descent and I hit the ground hard. Coming up, it takes me one or two tries but I sort of figure it out—though it ain’t pretty.

My kids are interesting to watch as well. You should take the test yourself and see how you do. Make a video and send it to us and we will share our analysis with you.

Sitting and Standing Test

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