Sleep Positions: How Do You Sleep?

You probably wouldn’t believe how many aches pains and injuries stem from our sleeping positions.   

Very often when I am at my wit’s end when dealing with a client with mystery pain, I ask to see the position that they sleep in and all becomes clear.

Like everything there a correct or best way to sleep.  

That used to be on your back, though even that can be a problem with someone who has poor tone in the inner thighs (which unfortunately is a majority of humans walking the planet).

Sleeping on your stomach is the biggest no-no.

Sleeping on the stomach flattens the lumbar spine and the curve of the lumbar spine might be our most important feature.

Likewise sleeping on your side with one knee hiked up over the pelvis is also a classicly poor way to sleep.

This was my favored position for the first forty years of my life and my lower back was never happy about it even though I didn’t realize it.

Watch the video above on sleep positions as start to think about how you sleep and if it affecting your lifestyle.


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