Sneak Preview: The New Core Walking Program

Setting out to teach people to walk six years ago, my main intent was to help people move better. Watching folks on the street had become painful and I wanted to share the lessons that I was applying in yoga to how people move in their daily life.

Right from the start though, I began getting reports on the efficacy of the program in helping all sorts of joint pain. It has been an amazing and gratifying experience guiding people towards new ways to move and freeing themselves from lingering injuries.

We have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out the best way to disseminate the CoreWalking Program to the public and on or about December 1st we will unveil a new website as well as a new offer that groups all of our products together in one dynamic package.

The offer will include five walking lessons on 5 DVDs, three books and a video analysis. Two of the books are anatomy books about the psoas and piriformis muscles. These two muscles are responsible for a great deal of pain that people suffer from in the lower back, hips and groins. Dysfunction in these two muscles can also be responsible for pain as far reaching as the knee, foot, head and neck. It has been my experience that if people learn the anatomy of their pain they will have a much easier time healing from injury.

Pulling the program together is our new exercise workbook that will guide you through the core strength component of the Core Walking Program. Creating new movement patterns, changing your standing posture and developing tone in the muscles to support these changes is the essence of the CoreWalking Program. The CoreWalking Exercise Workbook will help you work towards those changes with a ten week protocal designed to build core tone so that you can walk your way to a healthy pain free body.

Finally we will be offereing a video analysis of the way you walk. At any point in the program you can film yourself walking and send it to us to look you over and get you moving on the path to healthier movement patterns.

Getting the program organized in a way to facilitate its ease of use has taken us quite some time and we are very excited about the result. We hope you will be as well.

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