Spring Means New Barefoot Sneakers

merrell vapor gloveSpring means a new pair of barefoot sneakers. This year I went with the Merrell Vapor Glove which prompted the wife who was looking at the bottom of last year’s pair to ask,

“What is the matter with these?”

“Nothing really.” I sheepishly replied.

But in truth the problem was with me. Walking with barefoot shoes isn’t easy even if you know how to walk, and one year later I am not really happy with the way I wore out last year’s model, the Merrell Trail Glove.

The correct pattern for a footfall is to start on the outer heel, move across the center of the foot before turning out towards the pinky toe before rolling back in to finish the step with the inner foot on the mound of the big toe.

Looking at the picture below right, you can see that I clearly use the outside of the foot and while I have a bit of wear on the inside of each shoe, I don’t really get the roll across the whole sole that I do with most of my other shoes.

So far I love the Vapor Glove. The only thing that I don’t understand about all of these type of shoes are the toes that merrell foot wearcurl upward at the forefoot though I imagine it is a function of the rubber being so lightweight. The Vapor Glove feels half as light as the Trail Glove but fits beautifully to my feet. Merrell and my feet seem to get along. Everyone’s feet are very different and there is a shoe out there for everyone though it might take some searching to find the right one

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