Squatting with Eccentric and Concentric Contractions

Squatting with Eccentric and Concentric ContractionsEccentric contraction—muscle fibers lengthen as a muscle contracts.

Concentric contraction—muscle fibers contract as a muscle contracts.

This is a great exercise and I love squatting which I will write more about soon but I can’t help but dedicate this post to commenting on my technique in the above video. As I am talking about maintaining balance in the pose and moving equally through both sides my left foot is turned out and it looks to me like I am only using a shortened right side of the body.

I look at bodies all day long so I see these things a little differently but it is amazing to me just how out of whack I still am. What I see is a body with two radically different halves. It seems to me that I move down through the right side fairly evenly but the left side seems to move at a different pace with energy leaking out to the left.

You can also see when I am standing that the right shoulder is much closer to my right ear than my left shoulder is to my left ear. No one is truly balanced and you can’t imagine how far I have come in bringing my halves closer to a whole but the journey never stops.


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