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Episode 27 

Healing Foods

The way we walk, stand, and exercise is crazy important but what about the foods you are putting in your body.

Food can heal in the same way that physical therapy, surgery and rehabilitation can.

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In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• Why the contents of Jonathan's midday smoothie are pure health
• The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, raspberries and parsley
• Ways to boost your immune system through whole foods
• The health benefits of juicing watermelon with its seeds and rind
• Medical mediums
• Why everyone needs to up their spice game
• Finding the right balance between junky food and foods that deliver pure health

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Show Notes...

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Turmeric: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-loaded

Elderberries: used as a syrup, immune system booster

Flat-leafed parsley: anti-inflammatory supreme

Chia Seeds: Omega-3s to combat inflammation and produce energy

Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother): healing for intestinal distress and weight loss

Manuka Honey: thick, golden delicious for overall health
and great for healing from burns and scarring by applying directly to skin

Butter: believe or not, good fat when used on its own and in moderation

Watermelon: Eat the seeds and the white for nutritional content
(eat the flesh too – it tastes so good)

Avocado: gets a bad rap but it's very good fat and who doesn't love guacamole?
Or avocado toast?

Coconut Oil: Good fat for baking, cooking, and cleaning your teeth

The Ultimate Meal: This speaks for itself but if you want more information,
click here.

Media and People we talked about:

Anthony William is a medium who offers medical and health advice based on alleged communication with a Spirit. He authors books and offers advice online on forums and his own website. William believes that the Epstein-Barr virus is responsible for multiple ailments, including cancer. He is the self-proclaimed originator of the lemon juice in water morning detox as well as the celery juice fad, which he states can offer many health benefits. For more about Anthony William and his books, click here.

The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary film that promotes a plant-based diet. The film interviews science experts in various fields, showcases success stories of athletes that have adopted such diets, highlights favorable scientific studies, and champions what the filmmakers argue are benefits of plant-based diets for both athletes and non-athletes. Watch it on Netflix.

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