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Today's Episode:

Episode 28 

Relaxation: Technique or Lifestyle?

Moving from New York City to Cleveland had such an effect on Jonathan's stress level that he began to wonder if lifestyle wasn't more important than techniques when it comes to relaxation.
How then do we build a more relaxing life?
Is it as simple as purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner?

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In this Podcast...

We discuss:

• Lifestyle changes you can make to reduce stress

• Walking or biking (or any physical exercise really) as a form of meditation

• The fascinating subject of ASMR and its beneficial effects on the nervous system

• Working on our alignment to enable a relaxing standing posture

• Constructive rest and exercises to help the body relaxed

• Relaxation "toys"

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"About seven or eight years ago, I found my business to be too stressful and I found myself in what I refer to as an entrepreneurial depression..."

"And I think biking, I would think, and running is the same thing, right? You're running along the same path all the time, you're on auto-pilot and you don't have to think about it and you just can go into that other place and everything can relax because you don't have to think about your immediate environment..."

"For those who don't know, ASMR refers pretty specifically to a tingling sensation usually in the head, neck and sometimes even down to the middle back that's elicited by some kind of external stimulus..."

"Why we get stuck in patterns is the job of therapy and the job of self-awareness and introspection, but you got to identify your patterns [...] but how do we identify the patterns that keep us from relaxing?"

"Chronic pain and sleep is so profound but what gets you to sleep very often for me is constructive rest position. Twenty years later, it's still the greatest thing on Earth; this position of laying down with your knees bent and your feet flat..."

"-Wait, rolling your feet under a tennis ball, what is that about?
-The same thing, it's just relaxing for your body, it opens your whole body, any time our body relaxes, any experience of openness in the body..."

"The bones hold you up and there are going to be a whole host of muscles that never shut off, even when your bones are holding you up. Levator ani, psoas, gluteus maximus, piriformis. These certain muscles, maybe 5 or 10 muscles, they are doing the dance of helping the bones hold you up..."

"When I say it's my obsession and I bike an hour a day; if I'm psenidng fifteen minutes of that time thinking about relaxing my shoulders, that's pretty obsessed you know. So what is the nature of obsession? How much focus will I have to put into keeping my shoulders relaxed before I realize 'oh they;re relaxed, I don't have to think about it anymore'..."

"But there is no need to have any volume change in the ribcage unless I say I want to breathe more deeply. I can stand up and start to do some deep breathing and then I might need to get my ribcage involved, but I think for the most part, everyone is using their intercostal muscles all the time..."

"I will tell you another thing that has changed  my nervous system, that I did not see coming, but that I believe has had a profound effect on my life: I bought a robot vacuum cleaner..."

Show Notes...

Blog Posts:

Lifestyle techniques:

Eufy: The (Stress-Free) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Head Scratcher (scalp massager)

Percussion Massage Gun


Scalene Muscles (tertiary muscles of breathing for deeper inhalation)

Intercostal Muscles (secondary muscles of breathing for maximum oxygen intake)

Iliopsoas Muscle Group (the stress and trauma storage muscles)

Erector Spinae (keeping the spine solidly in place)

Gluteus Maximus (the muscles we should be letting go of when standing)

Constructive rest position (for back pain, insomnia, relaxation)

Tennis ball under the foot (hurts so good)

Fresh Guacamole by PES (ASMR and creativity)

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