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Today's Episode:

It's All About the Psoas

The Psoas is Jonathan's favorite muscle in the body for three reasons: 

1. It's the main muscle of standing

2. It's the most important muscle for walking

3. It's the muscle of pain and trauma

Listen in to see how the psoas muscle works itself into your everyday life and what you can do to ease chronic pain with release and toning exercises for the psoas.

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

•  What is the psoas muscle?

•  What are the three reason it is one of the most important muscles in the body?

•  The psoas as the emotional muscle

•  Psoas release exercises

•  The effects of a tight psoas

•  How to use the psoas correctly when standing, walking and sitting

• Long-term issues taht develop from a tight psoas such as incontinence, herniated discs, etc...

• Are two tight psoases better than one?

• Muscles that work together with the psoas to keep it healthy

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"And when the psoas engages it, it pulls the lumbar verterbrae, which are the verterbrae of the lower spine, forward and down..."

"And the parasympathetic nervous system takes over to relax you..."

"She got bit pretty badly by this dog in the parking lot..."

"What does it mean when you say that trauma lives in the body?"

"Another thing pople tend to do is externally rotate the legs, right? The feet turn out, we walk like ducks..."

"So it's a 401k; basically you're peddling 401k's..."

"A body that doesn't get its best bloodflow  is much more susceptible to pain and injury..."

"We' be looking into the sky all the time. Or we'd topple backwards..."

"You have three different gluteal muscles: gluteus minimus; gluteus medius, gluteus maximus..."

Show Notes...

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