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Today's Episode:

Text Neck Is Nonsense!

What exactly is forward head posture and why do we all have it to one degree or another? In this episode, we discuss the reasons for which forward head posture is even a thing and how it can all be linked back to standing and walking. We provide strategies for relieving forward head posture and ailments that could arise from long-term exposure to it.

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In this Podcast...

We discuss:

•  What exactly is the head doing anatomically

•  Why virtually everyone has forward head posture

•  The curve of the neck and its responsibilities with regards to the head

•  How the muscles of shoulder affect the relative weight of the head

•  What muscles need to be worked on in order to relieve forward head posture

•  Why sitting makes forward head posture even worse

• What long-term issues can arise from forward head posture, such as kyphosis and TMJD

• Ways to begin getting your head to a better place

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"And forward head posture is when you look at that line and the ears are forward of that line."

"What we have done is sacrifice everything from the neck down to keep the head happy..."

"But it's not that the optic nerve is connected to forward head posture as much as the suboccipital muscles."

"You have to override the mechanism of the brain to really change you posture..."

"You know that in my yoga classes, I teach L-shaped handstands. They're really important to me."

"If your head is forward, I'm going to project and say that the trapezius is doing the turning and the nodding because the SCM has switched functions..."

"What are some of the exercises that you do to support your head, support your spine, remedy forward head posture?"

Show Notes...

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Sacrificing the body to serve the head.

Hyperextension of the knees

L- Shaped Handstands

An amazing demonstration of movement. The articulation is extraordinary.

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